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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Update | Samsung Penalised Apple By 1 Billion Dollars

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Update

So earlier this year Samsung decided to use the Snapdragon 865 instead of the usual Exynos  on the Galaxy S20 in their own home country South Korea .

This resulted in Samsung's Exynos team being humiliated that their own company doesn't feel their own chipsets are good enough, which in fact is true that it's not good enough compared to the competition .

Later there were some reports that the Exynos team made a new chipset the Exynos 992 for the Galaxy Note 20 to lessen the performance gap so that Samsung could go back to the Exynos chipset for its home market.

But we saw a couple of days ago that they are not using this new chipset for the GalaxyNote 20 instead the same Exynos 990 will make an appearance yet again , there by increasing that performance gap.

Now, there's a new report out of South Korea that Samsung will use the Snapdragon 865+ in the Galaxy Note 20 variants in their home turf.

The main reason for it is said to be the Snapdragon chipset’s relatively higher GPU performance than Exynos.

So basically this means markets like Europe, India will be stuck with an Exynos-driven Galaxy Note 20.

Now there's some good news for Europe and India and other Exynos regions that Samsung will also offer the Galaxy Note 20 and Note20 Ultra in LTE versions thereby reducing the costs.

So the Galaxy Note 20 in Europe and India should cost lower than the Galaxy Note 20 with 5G in the US and South Korea. 5G networks are still not live in many countries so it doesn't make sense to sell 5G handsets there.

Also Max tweeted a few days ago that Samsung won't launch the Galaxy Fold 2 at the unpacked event.

Turned out that was wrong, Ice Universe as well as Ross Young tweeted that Samsung will indeed launch the Galaxy Fold 2 at the event with the release date on September 20th atleast in China.

Samsung Penalised Apple By 1 Billion Dollars

Apple currently has to pay Samsung Display almost a billion dollars in a penalty for failing to secure a certain amount of supplies  of flexible OLED panels for its new iPhones, falling short of the contract. In other words Samsung Display is penalizing Apple for not buying enough iPhone displays.

Samsung essentially has a monopoly in the mobile OLED panel market. This is why Apple had no choice but to source panels from Samsung Display. Apple has agreements with Samsung that allow it to purchase display components for a lower price per unit, but they’ll have to make a minimum purchase in return. But 2020 happened and sales collapsed which prevented the company from reaching that minimum order target. So as a result Samsung Display now wants Apple to pay a penalty for missing its minimum order quantity.

This is not the first time Apple had to paya penalty fee to Samsung. In Q2 2019, Apple was also charged for purchasing fewer OLED displays than agreed. This isn’t simply a case of Samsung being greedy.

Apparently, Samsung invested millions in redesigning manufacturing plants specifically to meet Apple’s expected needs. Since Apple sells hundreds of millions of iPhones each year.

With Apple not meeting the required order quantity, It doesn’t seem fair for Samsung to make those investments for nothing. Now I'm seeing a lot of people particularly Apple fans saying 1 billion dollars is a pocket change for Apple. I agree Apple makes a lot of money, even more than Samsung but $1 billion dollar sis not pocket change by any means, not even for Apple. That SAME "pocket change" of ONE BILLION dollars  was the purchase price of the entire Intel 5G modem division or about 1/3 of the purchasing price of BEATS.

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