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Thursday, July 9, 2020

60+ New iOS 14 Beta 2 features & changes | Webortech


Apple released the second beta of iOS 14 to developers for testing purposes, tweaking and refining some of the features that are coming in the update.

Below, we've rounded up all of the changes that we found in the Beta 2.

60+ New iOS 14 Beta 2 Features & Changes 

The iOS 14 beta program has been fantastic. one issue that We've noticed may be a stutter a hang once during a while who would seem and so far and just you recognize four or five hours of using iOS 14 beta 2 it's been overall fantastic.

so number one change is that the stutter issue especially when typing in with the keyboard the input lag has been resolved .

Now there are tons and tons of new icon changes in iOS 14 little glyphs here and there so I'll capture the most important ones but just want to allow you to know there are so many I'm not gonna go through every single one and you and that iOS 14 only visible when updating to beta 2.

you cannot be playing audio out of your iPhone while updating a really strange request I don't see why iOS couldn't cancel down on its own and to icon changes on the home screen the clock app now features more prominent watch hands i feel they're more like the Apple watch very cool adds a touch bit more depth also the calendar icon out features a bolder number and an abbreviated day so rather than Tuesday spelling it out it now features a bigger TUE.

An interesting change in the statusbar on the charging indicators there on little battery icon the lightning bolt which indicates charging is now larger more prominent on beta 2 on the proper here I do like this one.

Picture-in-picture on iOS 14 beta 2 now has different sizing settings so adouble tap now has three modes where before it might only have two so now that's the largest DoubleTap to travel to medium then double tap again to travel to smallest on this one you'll just get kicked into the most important so pretty cool to have more adjustment there also when the picture-in-picture player is hidden you can now kick it out just by clicking on the small tab previously you'd have to drag it out so we do not work with the same control it's pretty cool .

They added that when using any app that uses the camera then going into the control center to as certain be recording indicator a touch green dot the icon here for that's now different it's using the camera icon from the Face Time instead of the old one

Now on the home screen when entering edit home screen mode and once you select the small minus icon the choice has changed from increase library to get rid of from homescreen this is to ease any confusions

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Now if we do go ahead and take away that app or remove from home screen now to surely stock system apps you not have the option to remove the app from within the app library Apple has removed that this is not the case for third-party apps just select system stock apps also within the Apple library.

Apple has done some organization here a reference and reading has been relocated socialists in its place so the orders are slightly different there.

The dedicated widgets page the legacy widgets on the very bottom for all of your old apps here they need a new view so slightly been condensed made to seem more in line with Apple's new widgets.

The same widgets page after updating is that a sensible stack widget was applied automatically to the highest I'm unsure if this is the case for everyone except for me a notice this on two devices a pleasant little aesthetic change when adding widgets the button on rock bottom will now be selective of the colour of the widget or content inside the widget.

when editing a smart stack widget now the interface looks slightly different so these smart rotate buttonssits on top now there's an X button to Xout of this menu and therefore the card itself is now rounded lorring lion with iOS.

There's now a new files widget in beta 2 available in two sizes large and supermassive and this may show you your most recent files takes a short time to populate that's what it might appear as if right there you'll jump into those real quick.

For the photos widget there's now a new size also super massive previously unavailable so i feel it is a four by four in widget size and yeah just look at your photos and even larger detail

The notes widget has also been reworked and now features a prominent notes badge up top and therefore the information inside is slightly condensed so you'll see more info now that it's smaller

There the larger weather widget has been fixed where previously would just sit on Cupertino weather regardless of where you were that's been resolved to is that the view for the icons here has been enhanced so slightly larger but getting clipped more work to be done whenever there's an action that's close to happen with the weather you will see this tiny preview right here where it previously would just offer you a static display of what is going on so it's nice this may switchback there to view after a touch.

While in the siri suggestions widget now depicts the active number of notifications for a particular application which it displays in here previously it would not.

The smaller reminders widget two by two it'll now display the first reminder in text form here instead of just the amount of reminders that you have so it becomes even more useful in reminders lists with an emoji for the icon which will have a pleasant little border for it slightly different view

This is often where my microphone decided to call it quits so voice from here on out so within the control center there's now a reworked home apptile it's much larger i prefer this oneless on the proper side it seems to besome kind of adaptive tile counting on what you employ most you're gonna see something different here I've seen multiple different versions already in the full-screen home favorites view the titling hasn't been reworked here indifferent color and slightly smaller icon and therefor the home scenes section hasbeen removed entirely from this full-screen deem for the icons on these individual tiles you'll see they've all been made slightly smaller and the fonts are reduced.

Also in the control center the new sleep mode tile when pressed now shows till rather than that navy the new pasted security feature in iOS 14 the interface for it has been made slightly smaller and now shows more text and it will show therespective device where you're pasting from for instance Mac Pro in music in multiple pages we see many changes to text and formatting for the choices for example the buttons up top are moved apart slightly and titling has been made more pleasant in music the bottom navigation bar icons have all been slightly adjusted all the sizings and positioning.

In the search portion of music you'll see that categories have been slightly reworked there's an additional long horizontal option and many of the opposite categories are repositioned.

When haptic touching in music there are a few icons change--is one to the play icon and another to the love icon there now outlines instead of solid colors a really pleasant change is the addition of haptic touch within the music application now when skipping or play pausing your music you'll feel a really subtle vibration there's really cool reveal animation In the music application what happed touching certain things as you'll see compared to beta one on the left.

In the music settings show Apple music is gone default that's just always there now.

There's also a new category for motion in music settings and two settings Wi-Fi only and completely off this is often for the new animated covers within music they are doing demand more battery life and it's slightly more data hence the Wi-Fi only option in podcasts on rock bottom navigation bar browse and library options have swapped places.

In settings within the wallpaper preview the widgets are now representative of the actual widgets and therefore the data they pertain on your home screen pretty cool nice little touch versus just placeholders.

In Wi-Fi settings there's now a replacement warning for privacy warning which can allow you to know what this feature is and whether or not you're connected there to.

In settings within Apple ID settings there is a new icon for family sharing very modern you'll see an equivalent icon within the appstore splash screen for family sharing which allows you to know to line that up and what it is.

Within the phone settings there are new icons for incoming calls and announced calls categories.

There is a new behavior when holding the rear icon to shortcut into different pages now without removing your finger it'll shortcut you directly into the primary option otherwise you can bear down and choose any others

The dictation interface has been updated and now with even bolder lines

When location services is disabled in maps now the small icon up top looks different and within maps you're now able to access guides for select locations this was unavailable in beta 1 but now for San Francisco for instance there are multiple guides pre-made which give you a tour of the town without ever being

There some slight interface changes when navigating by bicycle and you can not avoid stairs the option has obviously been removed for bicycle owners

Couple changes to the Maps application for users and other countries one alerts for congested are as that charge tolls and two a feature coming soon is possibly navigate by license-plate certainly limited to certain areas

The weather application will now specify exactly where it's pulling the weather from for instance in San Francisco now it'seven more precise right down to the road within messages there is a larger image picker view it is a little glitchy at the moment and within the full-screen view it'll now show you the limit of photos you can call example here 20 items in Safari within the toolbar the tracking report option has been renamed to privacy report and inside you'll actually click on the trackers option now previously that wasn't working

In the Translate application when selecting a language you'll now see the country of origin listed below that language pretty nice little touch

For home Potter beta firmware testers you'll now change the default music service like from Apple music to Spotify and podcasts as well

Also below in automations there is a new choice to add an automation below the paws one last person leaves option

For iPad users you'll now reorganize or remove entirely the choice for the silent mode switch within the control center it's something that I personally use tons so i do not see myself removing it but it's nice that Apple gives you that option as you'll see removing it it's not present.

Also on iPad within the photos application there's a new section during a sidebar for utilities where imports hidden photos and recently deleted photos are listed

Apple has also included a new hand-washing article within the Health application which details the way to roll in the hay properly and more information

Also revealed in code within iOS 14 beta 2, 9to5Mac has found evidence that Apple is introducing a QR code payment system for Apple pay unclear on the details or how to enable it but it's coming.

These are all new features & changes in iOS 14 Beta 2.

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