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Friday, June 5, 2020

iPhone 13 : leaks ,design ,features , camera and all guide


Apple is looking to take the iphone 13 in a new design direction with an all new camera design some leaks about the iphone 13 camera that d6 X  the specs themselves and  the iphone 12 will stay relatively  unchanged.


Details regarding the camera on the iphone 13 that the wide angle lens will now be 64 megapixels with 1 x optical zoom and 6 x digital. A telephoto lens will be 40 megapixels with 3x - 5x optical zoom and then 15-20 X digital zoom and apparently the new lens aside from the lighter sensor will be a 64 megapixel anamorphic video centric lenswith a 2 : 1 : 1 ratio and ultra wide lens would be 40 megapixel shooter with reverse optical zoom. 0.25x for an even bigger capture area for same spot campared to 11 pro and a lidar 4.0 sensor.


Apple will be adding "mini LED technology" to the iphone 13 pro . there are the plans to put mini-LED displays on a lot of hardware in the next year. Apple will have it on the iPad Pro and MacBook pro in the spring, and Apple watch series 7 in 2021.


iPhone 13 pro will be all screen so no knotch but this not happening in 2020 but happening in 2021 on pro modals supposedly. it is also possible that it will have the "Always-on display", however are issued such as the battery.


iphone 13 will have "powerDrop", and two way wireless charging will certainly be available by iphone 13 you can charge your "Apple watch , iPhone and Airpods"." PowerDrop " will coming to the MacBook pro's palm rest. These are in 2021 earliest!!!


Apple will putting " MagSafe " on the iphone 13. The iphone 13 supports  timely charging using the smart Connector, which is dubbed "MagSafe" within apple. MagSafe terminal (smart Connector) is supposed to be on the "side " or on the "bottom" iphone 13 in 2021.


since "pro" will be a major update, the numbering may be dropped.



john prasser says" Apple would likely be keeping the same layout from the iphone 12 and the iphone 13"

This is all about iPhone 13 leaks .

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