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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Apple iOS 14 vs Samsung OneUI 2.1 Comparison

This is comparison between iOS 14 Software Beta from Apple vs OneUI 2.1 from Samsung.

In this comparison you can see that how much hinges Apple has done or taken from Samsung's OneUI.

Let's See The Comparison 


iOS 14   :  In the homescreen of iOS 14 you can see so many changes , you can finally add widgets into the homescreen between the applications and also you can scroll between the widgets.

 OneUI 2.1 :   In the homescreen of Samsung's OneUI you need to put separate widgets whic can mess the homescreen and There is no scroll between the widgets.

iOS 14  :  iOS 14 also come with application drawer it is called as application library but there are folders in folders in this library.

OneUI 2.1 : OneUI has clean drawer of applications that is quite good.

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Picture In Picture (PIP) Mode

This PIP mode is in Samsang from quite a long time.

iOS 14  : In iOS 14 you can't use PIP in iOS photos and some main applications which is kind of disappointing. It is only works in Safari , Netflix and Video calls.

OneUI 2.1 : In Samsung you can use PIP in most applications.

The speed is still slow in iOS which is quite disappointing.


In iOS 14 settings got many new options like homescreen , you can customize these settings of application drawer.

iOS 14 is finally comes with compact calls which doesn't take fullscreen to who is calling with you want to pick up or not , you want to cancel that call or something else.

Samsung has done this a few years back so there is nothing new here.

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iOS 14 : There is conversation mode where conversation between two person with different langauge is easy.

OneUI 2.1 : There is google translation in the Samsung's OneUI for the translation.


Siri vs Bixby the animations and icons are quite same.

iOS 14 : Siri is now fast and better than bixby.

There is power saving mode in iOS 14 which is already in samsung's OneUI.

There is so many in OneUI that apple needs to implement in future.

What is your Opinion ?

Which is better iOS or OneUI?

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