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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Apple's new plan "Foldable Apple Iphone" | All details about Foldable iphone

The foldable iPhone is the new plan of Apple but Apple is now working on it.

some major leaks on this foldable iphone :

Hints of a foldable ‌iPhone‌ kicked off in 2016 when rumors suggested LG display would be mass producing foldable displays for smartphones in 2018 and supplying them to companies like Apple and Google.

Jon prosser has shared the first ever public detailed of apple's foldable phone project. He says on this phone that " the current prototype has two saparate display panels on a hinge " and he added that the design of this phone is round, stainless steel edges like current iPhone 11.

There is no notch tiny forehead on outer display that houses Face ID.

Now Here  showing you is based on the Galaxy Z Flip

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Here the design that john prosser gave us that of an iPhone 11 rounded edge design and the front will have a notch or more like a chain for all the Face ID components so we assuming it will have thee displays . jon prosser says Apple's foldable will not look like two iPhone stuck together which is exactly what showing you but they were update the design as they learn more But this is true that apple is working on a foldable.

There is numerous patents regarding hinges foldable battery technology, foldable display technology using many different methods that apple could be amploying for this device.

We know that apple is working on this and it has been quite for some time because there is really no major demand for this device just yet. For now Samsung has covered out a niche with their Galaxy Fold and Z flipped lineup and it will be further expanding on it but the apple and apple fashion will arrive on the scene late but maybe do things batter.

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